Ever had such a strong desire to buy something, but you just have to wait for the right time? Well, that's exactly what I am experiencing. Occasionally, I will post items on my wish list, and hopefully, soon, I will post me wearing them. I wouldn't want to restrict my writing on items I only own/wear. I am not in the position to indulge in that type of way. But that won't stop me from sharing what I would wear if I could. 

So, a new day, a new collection of things on my wish list.

As Champaign does not provide me with the necessary resources to shop. I have succumbed to online shopping. Oh, what a scary world it is. One with the question of quality and fear of sizes. It really brings a girl down when a package arrives, and the cute scuba sweatshirt was not as cute as it looked on screen. Yet, we just hope that the next package would learn.

And so it has led me to find a few things online that I have added to a cart bag in my memory bubble. 


Skinny scarf


Live like a cool girl and embody '70s spirit with a skinny scarf. It gives an illusion of some degree of sophistication and distraction. Actually, it'll probably just distract the men- leaving them questioning the purpose of such a neck- tie. "Are you trying to hide something?" If I asked Mo for his opinion, he'd probably not like it and I'd just blame it on his lack of interest in fashion. 

- Wrap it around the neck and style with this season's denim or suede to keep it looking on point.

Urban Outfitters Satin Skinny Tie Scarf (buy here)




Over-The-Knee Boots



After Stuart Weitzman's iconic over the knee boot took over the world, I had to get in on the craze. My winter boots are in dire need of a change up, and this Jeffrey Campbell one would do the trick. 

p.s. if anyone finds a similar style somewhere else, leave a comment! 

Jeffrey Campbell Cienega Over-the-knee suede boot (buy here)




Faux Fur Block Heels


I just found a website with the cutest most affordable shoes. And now my new obsession with faux fur can be seen on my toes. And my toes won't be as ordinary anymore, they will be fun faux toes. I promise that once Champaign gets warmer, I will pair them with a denim skirt and run free in the corn fields! 

Public Desire Celine Black Faux Suede Block Heels (buy here)


Vintage Tonal Jeans



Another vintage look I have been eyeing for awhile are these two-toned jeans. It has left me wondering why these jeans aren't a bigger deal!

Now, I am definitely not usually a jeans person at all. I have survived for many years with only owning 1-2 pairs, and I didn't think I'd ever be in love with one. There are very few 'perfect' jeans on the market. There's always something a little off when I wear them; crotch marks, a length that passes the ankle... but oh boy, these are too pretty to ignore. There's a variety of color in just a turn of the hips, and the short cut shows off your sexy ankles (to do: make ankles sexy).

Nasty Gal After Party Vintage Levi's 501 Jeans - Tonal   (buy here)