A Miami party in a dreamy garden

Owning the runway doesn't only have to mean walking on it, it could also mean creating it.



Before the Spring semester ended, I had the opportunity to use my platform as the head of event planning for The Fashion Network (the only fashion organization on my campus) to throw a fashion show. The show was inspired by a fuse of Miami's luxurious party scene and a romantic garden. I was able to capture that scene pretty well by having it in an outdoor patio. I would like to thank Apricot Lane, Akira, Few Moda, Ragstock and HERE apartments for sponsoring our event. It was a huge success, and I am so happy to share with you the results of what my team and I have been working on for the past few months. 

In creating the show, I was looking to project what I thought the versatile style, delicate patterns and wild attitude of a summer fantasy must have looked like. While the time pressure of creating a perfect show in a few months wasn't terribly unexpected, the mission for a flawless and raw fresh start on the day of the event-- from working around disappearing light and the surprising windy weather-- manifested in my favorite project I've worked on for my entire college years.



Further inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Margaret Zhang, I developed some editorials and layered some artwork to make the photos more visually creative and exciting. I worked on the visual aesthetics of each look, which spoke to me individually. Each piece the models wore has a different aesthetic and a set of personality. Hopefully, I addressed them as appropriate. 



Once again, I cannot thank enough the people who helped me complete this amazing show. I will never forget that moment of accomplishment for having thrown another memorable fashion show!

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PHOTOGRAPHY // Walbert Castillo & Kirill Mangutov

SPONSORS // Apricot Lane / Akira / Few Moda / Ragstock / HERE Apts