As British Vogue reaches its 100th year of publication, I managed to be in London for the celebration. Talk about being at the right place at the right time, am I right? The 2016 Vogue Festival marks its fifth year and partnered for the third time with Harrods to successfully create a glamorous weekend for ‘fashionistas’. As passerby’s wondered why there was an above than average amount of stylish women in heels in Kensington Gardens, I heard a woman say “it's a fashionista thing” to her friend. 

She gets us. 


I was in London for only three nights before heading back home to Malaysia, and I was so glad to have bumped into my cousin who invited me to the event. So, I bought my 60 pound ticket to the event, which came with access to a talk of my choice. And it was an obvious choice for me to choose 'A Career In Fashion? Where To Start.' 

That weekend really lined up for me. 

Other speakers included Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, Charlotte Tilbury, Isabel Marant, and many more. And of course, an event is not complete without the guest of honor, the selfie queen, the reality star: Kim Kardashian West. Unfortunately, I attended Sunday’s event and missed out on her selfie tips. I shall now stick to Snapchat's dog selfies for now… 

100 years of Vogue UK

100 years of Vogue UK


Blues aside,

the 9 to 7 event was not just filled with interviews and career masterclasses; but, there was an extensive schedule of activities, workshops, makeovers, and super tutorials. I managed to get some tips from Bobbi Brown reps on how to make my eyes look bigger, and also a free manicure with CND Vinylux. Guests were allowed to choose between a gold, silver, black, or pink manicure. To mark my Vogue- tastic weekend, I finished mine off with a Minx 'V.'

Silver is my new favorite color. 

Silver is my new favorite color. 

The talk was attended by some great influencers from the fashion world. As I try to find my way into the industry, it was inspirational to hear what they had to say. It gave me hope that they did not necessarily require a fashion student to work for them but just someone with good old passion, drive, and versatility. Hopefully, this will give the small players some hope in achieving their dreams.

Personal note: I have been struggling to follow my dreams and to find my way into the industry. In the midst of trying to stay motivated it can also get easy to lose some willpower on the way-- no matter how many times you tell yourself to stay positive and to believe in yourself.

But funnily a few nights ago, as I tried to recover from some critical jet lag, I was watching Zootopia. No spoilers, but it involved a very ambitious bunny fighting through preconceived ideas in order to do what she loves-- a coincidental resemblance to my life... Hmm. 

I guess what I am trying to get to is that although challenges may get tougher everyday and some barriers might bring us down, the little bunny says that with the right amount of determination and practice, anyone can accomplish anything!







Vogue Shop was also selling limited-edition Vogue-branded products. I couldn’t leave without bringing part of that day home with me, so, I got myself a Vogue t- shirt, a cute hair tie (which I now use as a key chain) and a sleeping kit complete with a Vogue sleeping mask and a hair elixir that promotes better sleep and boost hair vitality.

Exits insomnia.

It was my last day in London, and I was happy to have completed my visit with this event.

I have so much more to share about my travels and plans for the summer, so stay tuned! 

Besides my blazer, which was from Topshop, I dressed in Zara from head to toe!


Keep doing what you do best!