I am writing to you from the comfy couch of my apartment, with Khalid's 'American Teen' album on repeat, nose-clogged, thirsty, but too zonked to get up. 

It's 12 am on a Saturday and I promised myself I would create a blog post this weekend. So here I am trying to stay awake, committed to cross this out from my to-do list in about two hours? Maybe this album is too somber for me to find the zest to write. 

Pause Spotify.

I received a few packages from one of my online shopping addiction episodes and was thrilled to finally be keeping up with new trends. I know, I am not entirely impressed either with what excites me enough to qualify as a "thrill." But the reality is that I, like most of us, can't sustain brand new, seasonally trendy gears every day. There are greater things to value (food, yum), and not to mention the bills to pay. While sometimes I shamelessly whine about it since the whole essence of being in fashion is to own products and the full spectrum of labels, I have also used this time to challenge my ability to recycle, repurpose, and layer. Over time, I realize that although fashion is a true passion/hobby, I am grateful to say that there are other 'loves' that create intellectual stimulation and creative fulfillment to save for.

My point is, getting mail with fashion goodies is thrilling to me. 



First item: Fishnet tights. Need I say more?

I am trying to take bolder chances with my style, and I think this is a good step closer. It's scandalous, but not the kind that explicitly screams in your face-- especially since I paired mine under sheer flare pants. If you look close enough you can see the racy leg candy piercing through. I see the versatility in the accessory, and will probably incorporate them more with skirts as the days get warmer. There's something about wearing fishnet tights that give your legs some kind of comforting tension-- so much that by the end of the day it makes a mark on your skin to commend you of your suave and risk-taking abilities.


Second item: Waist belt. 

Surprise, surprise, the corset belt trend- or most probably just a fad- usually paired on a Kardashian and an oversized shirt. I opted out of the corset style for something more polished like this knotted front wide belt. It's useful for a little accentuation and that hourglass look.
Thank you belt.
This is also something new for me since I have never been a big belt person but I love the way it accessorizes what could've been a simple ensemble. 



Watch this space as I challenge myself to post more and reveal the rest of my thrilling purchases.

Play Spotify
(Advice: Listen to American Teen album and dive into Khalid's passionate love singing. So good.)