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Confessions of an online shopper and where to find affordable, luxe, high quality apparel, ONLINE. 

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Calling all avid online shoppers/browsers! 

It’s nice to know that traditional brick-and-mortars are still a success, but honestly, the best way to truly research your purchasing options is online (if you have the time). But of course, you need to be willing to return if it doesn’t fit, be patient, take risks, and maybe even waste a lot of valuable time. Call me a typical millennial embracing the digital age. 

I have recently discovered StyleWe, an online store that carries a wide range of international independent designers, that also supports upcoming fashion designers by managing the production of final products. Pretty damn neat, and definitely the first I have heard of this. 


They have launched their website in the US market and I had the chance to shop around. I can spend all day doing this, it’s scary— there’s the big secret, my one, and only addiction: online shopping. If you know the cure, comment below

StyleWe’s website was easy to navigate since you can shop based on designers, collections, clearances, and top selling products. I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for so I took my time to explore. It is more on the contemporary, high-street price point with items starting from $40 to as high as $300. Their products are trendy and are influenced by high-end runway designs that convey the right kind of elegance without being too excessive.

From their huge collection of exclusive styles, these two were a few of my favorites. 

First, this long sleeve knitted cardigan with front pockets and side knotted details. As the product description describes, it is mid-weight, and slightly stretchy. I first started wearing it in the Fall and have again been adding it as a staple to my outfits as we go through Spring. It is more of a cream color and as you can see matches well with dark and bright pieces. It’s elegant in a very subtle way, and handy for the warm but windy days. You honestly can’t go wrong with this purchase— there will never be a time when you don’t need effortlessly polished staples in the most classic of palettes. 



Second, in my attempt to stir away from leg-hugging pants and instead some airy ones, I got this pleated wide leg pants that whispered sweet sounds of comfort to me. The green with red and white stripes, the wide-leg style and vertical pleats altogether create such a refreshing look. Ultrachic. I am in love with it. Of course, because it is a more vibrant color, other colored pieces will have to be thoughtfully matched together. It comes in one size, so other then some extra baggage around the hips, there was no issue in the fit. 

Overall, I was very impressed with the quality of the products, and for the fearful online shoppers, you can come over to the digital side, I can attest to the fact that StyleWe does possess high-quality fabric and construction. The products are as clearly pictured in the product images without any irregularities. I’ve tried shopping at other websites like SheIn and Romwe who practice the selling of high-end trends but with lower price points, and believe me, you get what you pay for; hence, low price = low quality. (Don't take me wrong, I've shopped there too, but I can't vouch for their quality as much as I can for StyleWe.)

On the other hand, StyleWe’s products resemble more of Storets', they both provide luxe, affordable trendy pieces but StyleWe sells theirs for almost half the price of Storets, and in a wider variety. 

Let me know what you think. 

Unfortunately, since I did shop on their site last Fall, when I still had black hair and these two items were still in stock, you can’t really find them in stores anymore. But I did find similar items and some are on sale, so hurry!