What's new? Beginning the new year with new healthy recipes... This was definitely an easy one to start with for simple chefs like myself.

I have always been a "foody", obsessed with good delicacies and never able to stick through a diet. But this foody phase has just entered a new level. I now spend a lot of my time thinking about food and exploring the Instagram seas for new recipes. Just yesterday, I googled top food blogs to follow on Instagram (slowly moving away from fashion accounts). Besides that, I might have gained a few pounds this winter break- a new number I will never reveal. But not to worry, this new exploration was what brought me to this healthier meal. 

Inspired by I Am A Food Blog, I attempted to recreate her breakfast classic:

- repost from @iamafoodblog instagram

Get her recipe on how to make really creamy soft scrambled eggs here

Then, cut up some avocados and tomatoes. Add flavors with a sprinkle of cayenne pepper and a squeeze of lime. Finally, eat. 

This surprisingly was a filling meal that left me satisfied for hours. I usually pair my breakfast with a cup of hot green tea with Manuka honey. Yum.