In college, it is all about making the fastest and easiest dish.

I remember the first meal I made was inspired by 'Lazy Girl Recipes.' They were recipes that did not require much time or effort. After semesters of arduous, long nights completing problem sets, I did not have the time to make perfect home cooked meals and had resort to take-outs. Which is more likely to contain more sodium and cholesterol. It is just generally known that restaurants make their food more flavorful by adding more unnecessary ingredients such as fat, salt, and sugar- which is stronger in taste, and subsequently making for a much less healthy meal. 

After gaining my "Freshman 15" and "Sophomore 30", and moving out of the dorms to an apartment that equipped me with a kitchen, I knew I had to start making my own meals. What used to be tiresome and frustrating has now turned enjoyable, and I am always trying to find new recipes to try. And what I have learned is this: Only 5 main ingredients are required to make a variety of chicken meals! The ingredients include: cayenne powder, garlic powder, dried parsley, chilli powder, and paprika. I do apologize, due to my Asian tendencies to constantly crave spicy food, most of the meals are indeed spicy. You have been warned. If you can't take it, maybe try reducing the amount of spices when cooking it. 

Let me know what you think once you tried it!


  • Lazy Girl Sweet & Spicy Lime Chicken (recipe found here)
    • paired with brown rice and Brussels sprouts (recipe found here)
  • Spicy Honey Brushed Chicken Thighs (recipe found here)
    • *Note: I replace the boneless chicken thighs for breasts, and ground red pepper for cayenne pepper 
    • paired with potatoes
  • Spicy Garlic Lime Chicken (recipe found here)
    • paired with rice
  • ** Here is an additional recipe I like to use but do not require these ingredients. It is also one of my favorites, AND it isn't spicy: Healthy Chicken Parmesan (recipe found here)