Happy hump day. First of all, I’m in such a spin as to how it’s already the end of April. I remember telling myself to write up about my trip to Miami the weekend I got back, and today officially marks one month since I returned (insert frustrated red- faced emoji). Second of all, I had the intention to post up more pictures than what will be shown. That is because I had all the pretty photos on my phone-- which got stolen on my last night in Miami. So let's not make this post go to waste by letting thieves win! Instead, I will make this a personal post, one with pictures from Snapchat! How much more personal can it get, am I right?


For now, let's turn our attention to the city where everybody's livin' large and making paper. In the not so Miami heat, I found an unexpected appreciation for sweaters-- which I did not pack with me-- and most shockingly for indoor seating in restaurants. I wanted the heat, but Miami, you did not meet my expectations. In a nutshell, I was not prepared for the windy weather. In fact, I planned to leave the windy city, but just ended up arriving back at home...



Lunch at Ceconni's, located at the Soho Beach House. We were seated in a beautiful courtyard that served all day Italian meals. Pretty magical. I had the cavatelli with lamb ragu and artichoke-- which had a great texture to it. But I did wish I also tried one of their pizzas. 

The one day that I did experience some heat, I was happy to be checked into the Mondrian Hotel. Located not too far from South Beach, and has great views of downtown Miami. I am not about to turn this into a review article, but Expedia pictures didn't do justice compared to the great luxurious experience. The pool overlooks the ocean, the room has great intricate details... Well, you just had to be there.


A moment of star- struck caught on my Snapchat. As if Miami was not already filled with gorgeous human bodies, the Mondrian has a Wilhelmina office on the third floor to top it off. -- funny story, the days where I stalked boys has long been over, but weirdly enough Escobar was one of the male models I still follow on Instagram. Mo didn't find it too funny. 


I hope you enjoyed the visual tour. Very limited visuals, I know!  Here's a reminder to everyone to be aware of your surroundings, and be careful with your belongings! I can write a whole post about my experience losing a phone and being without one for two nights. Oh, how the palm of my hands constantly felt like a part of it was missing...  But, I wouldn't know how to write it up without giving off the impression that I am heavily attached to a phone- that rectangular screened object everyone keeps tapping on. It just sounds a little silly. I probably even looked silly as I fumbled looking for my phone every second, then noticed a bit later that I didn't have one. If you wanted to test my sense of loyalty, there you have it, it belongs to a phone! 

Good night!