Papa calls.

"Adam is going off to college in Monterey Bay"

Let's make a trip out of it.



I would never miss the chance to see the family, or needless to say, pass an opportunity to squeeze in a free juicy trip. The older I get, the more aware I am of time slipping through my fingers. It has been 4 years since I left home to study in The States and every time I reunite with the family, I watch my brothers grow inches taller-- while I struggle to fit my wide feet into heeled mules. And every year, I have to purchase taller ones just to keep up. 


The concept of seconds, minutes, hours, days and months is so simple yet so pivotal. I long to turn back time just to watch my brothers face embarrassing pubescent times. My family matter so much to me, and as much as I love my life here in The States, I hate that it keeps me so far away from blood. This has been a more significant and persistent thought on my mind since I graduated college and had to convince my parents- and myself- that I can be financially independent, survive in the bustling city of New York, and be an adult. So far, it is good to say that I managed to overcome two of the three challenges. Adulting has occasionally lead to tears. 


Glad to say that in this very moment, I am where I should be in life. To make something out of myself and realize my full potential as an individual is so crucial. And I wouldn't be able to achieve it unless I was away from my parents-- who would be more than willing to spoon-feed me anything as long as I was home. But now I get to make a mark for myself, by myself. It's more rewarding that way. 

DSC_0369 2.jpg

On the flip side, we have managed to recruit another member to the 'USA' crew. Now there's the OG Allisha, Me, and Adam-- and hopefully Ameer in another two years. To commemorate Adam's welcome, we created a fun vlog recording of our trip. Honestly, you get to see the true me around these rascals-- which is basically me laughing every other second. Cue the never-ending giggles. I am so grateful for the bond this family has, and the love and care we share with one another. Never underestimate the power of blood. 

To note, this has been the most prepapration I have ever had between my travel vlogs. So, thank you Adam for the encouragement.

Thanks for reading,