Here's to the ones who dream


Los Angeles, or now commonly referred to as 'La La Land'-- the most celebrated cinematic moment for dreamers.

The city of stars.

City of Angels. 

However you want to call it.

For me, a city that always welcomes me with open arms and eternal sunshine. If you know me well, I've always described myself as a Los Angeles gal. A pretty bold statement considering I am from Malaysia and have never lived there ever. But something about the city resonates well with the American Dream of yoga Sundays, Acai bowl Mondays, Soul Cycle Tuesdays, pressed juice Wednesdays, and you get the point. 

I arrived in Los Angeles on a cloudy Wednesday (what's up with that?) with a hit-list grouped by places to eat, insta-worthy shots, and activities-- ranked in that exact order, based on importance. We managed to eat, snap, and do everything on the list except the Bradbury Building, which we drove to on Sunday without us even realizing that it would most probably be closed for Easter. Doii. 

But I'll be back Bradbury. 


For it being my second time visiting just this year itself, I still find myself falling in love with the city all over again. But out of love with my diet. I think what I enjoy the most is the simplicity of it all. Mo having to just drive us everywhere instead of my usual long transit commutes. And that is why people always insist on owning a car when you're in the city. Letting the road take us on our journey. Just like how we decided to drive up north from Malibu Farm and found our way onto Mulholland highway--  a scenic road for speed enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies. Despite the LA traffic, I still much rather sit in clean seats with the top down and good beats guiding us through.


Maybe it's the simplicity of vacations in general. Maybe the city is just for me when I need to escape from the intense city hustle. Maybe it's not a place I would eventually move to. Nevertheless, LA, it's always a great pleasure.  

Sure, you can travel across the planet and stay in the confines of a resort of incredible luxury with themed decor – each to their own. But, we had some of the greatest experiences just walking around, trying new things (sometimes at the expense of our stomach flora, but whatever), and asking questions

I hope you enjoyed my second attempt at creating a travel vlog. Is it still considered a vlog if it wasn't really my intention to make one in the first place? What do you call a collection of Snapshats and recordings you found on your phone fused into a video? 

Till next time.